What’s happened to Detox? And why has the name changed?

Feel New is the new name for Detox tea.

In recent years, unfortunately the word ‘detox’ has become misused, with many now equating ‘detoxing’ with crash dieting - something we have never advocated at Pukka. Our mission is to bring people closer to the incredible power of plants and a cup of our organic herbal tea is a safe, delicious and easy way to do this.

At Pukka, we support a sensible and proportionate approach to health. This includes any person’s choice to ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’ their bodies. The British Dietetic Association is quoted as saying, “the body has numerous organs such as the skin, gut, liver and kidney, that continually detoxify the body from head to toe”. This is a position that sits at the heart of traditional medicine approaches, where the aim is to support normal bodily processes, allowing them to function as effectively as possible. They may be achieved through diet and lifestyle, gently and in moderation.