How is Fair for Life different from other schemes?

There are three key reasons why Fair for Life is different from many other fair trade schemes.

Firstly, it is inclusive. Fair for Life is a guarantee that our certified farmers and growers are treated fairly and equitably. It also includes our supply chain, ensuring that our blending partners, packers and also Pukka’s own staff receive minimum wages and good working conditions. Fair for Life recognises other high-quality fair certification schemes as equivalent standards including FairWild and other fair schemes which allows us to work with all of our existing fair certified projects under one umbrella.

Secondly, it’s a global standard. Unlike most other fair trade standards, Fair for Life covers trade with ‘developed’ as well as ‘developing’ countries. It means that, for example, our suppliers in countries like Turkey and Hungary are also protected under the Fair for Life scheme. Essentially it means we can source even more ethical and fairly-traded herbs.

Finally, it’s fully transparent. You can see our suppliers and our own fair score on the Fair for Life website,

Fair for Life certification is much more than a logo on a pack. It’s the result of a huge amount of effort from many partners and represents many inspiring stories of social change. The certified operators in our supply chains now have access to benefits such as maternity cover, clear working hours and annual paid leave. The result is an increasingly healthy and empowered community of people involved in the production of Pukka teas and supplements – fantastic news for everyone.

All Pukka teas are certified Fair for Life. Like other fair scheme, at least 20% of the ingredients of a product must be fair certified in order for the product to display the Fair for Life logo. 56% of our herbs by volume are now certified Fair for Life and blends vary. The percentage of fair ingredients will always be stated on back of pack.

So all Pukka’s teas aren’t just good for you and the environment. They’re also good for all those people who work hard to create them.