What is FairWild?

Managed by the FairWild Foundation, The FairWild standard helps to protect plant species that grow in the wild and the beauty of their natural habitats, whilst respecting deeply-rooted traditions and the livelihoods of the communities that depend on them.

Under the FairWild certification, a collector who may have traditionally dug up an entire plant to harvest its roots is required to leave some of the plant in the ground, to allow it to grow again the following year.

Similarly, collectors who would have harvested an entire area of herbs under previous practices, are incentivised by FairWild to leave some untouched, allowing the remaining plants to mature and naturally regenerate.

To reflect and respect the extra effort and time that FairWild sustainable herb collection requires, individual FairWild collectors are paid a premium price. An additional amount – known as the FairWild premium – is paid by Pukka to the collectors’ cooperative, to be spent on social and environmental projects for the local community.

You can read more about Fair for Life on our blog.