Why has the price of your teas increased?

The recommended price of our teas increased on 1 May 2018. All Pukka herbal and green teas are now £2.99 RRP. And our Green and Herbal Collection boxes are both £3.29 RRP. These prices apply in the UK and Ireland.

There are three important reasons why we needed to increase the price of our teas.

Firstly, we are paying substantially more fair trade premiums to the farmers that grow our herbs
We are using three and a half more times Fair for Life and Fair Wild ingredients since we last increased our prices; these are the highest ethical trade standards in the world. This has a significant positive impact on the farmers, growers, cooperatives and their communities where we source our ingredients. However, it means that the fair trade premiums we pay have also significantly increased.

Secondly, we have made a major investment to pioneering recyclable envelopes 
We have always taken an uncompromising approach to sustainable business practices. We have never used polypropylene in our teabags, preferring to use a natural solution (stitching) to lock in all of the goodness of the high quality, therapeutic herbs we source. Even the string on our bags is organic. However, a recyclable solution for our envelopes has always been a challenge for us. The envelopes are key to ensuring that the herbs inside are as fresh as they can be when they reach you: rich in essential oils and full of flavour. But excitingly, after four years of development we are now rolling out a recyclable envelope by replacing the polyethylene with a recyclable barrier. This concept is currently being implemented across a proportion of our blends, which is the first step in a long-term commitment to delivering an improved sustainable solution without compromising on the efficacy of our organic medicinal grade herbs. These essential changes have needed significant development investment and also come at an ongoing additional cost to us.

Thirdly the cost of our ingredients has risen dramatically over the last two years
This has been down to a range of factors including the negative impact of foreign exchange, inflation in India where nearly a third of our herbs come from and crop losses due to poor weather and harvests.