Jasmine Green Tea

Serene Jasmine Green tea is made from green tea and fresh Jasmine buds. The fresh buds are mixed up with the dry green tea in layers and left overnight for 8-12 hours. In this time the buds open (it gets warm inside the pile) and the dry tea absorbs the flavour of the Jasmine flowers. For our tea the process is repeated 4 times. For cheaper grades this is done with less flowers and only once. In the morning, the wilted Jasmine buds are removed by hand, so there are no Jasmine flowers left in the tea - just the Jasmine aroma. After the flowers are removed, the tea is dried again as it absorbs moisture in the process. The total amount of Jasmine buds needed for a quality like ours is app. 1kg of fresh buds on 1kg of made tea. The whole process takes 5-10 days.