2019: 18 months with Unilever. How has it been?

It has been over 18 months since we joined Unilever and Pukka is still an independently run company, with iron-clad commitments to staying 100% organic, donating at least 1% of turnover to environmental causes annually and committed to sustainable wild harvesting with FairWild and a champion of fair trading with Fair for Life.

In 2018, we recorded a donation of over £540,000 to environmental causes in 2018, contributing to a total of over £1.5 million since 2016.  Last year, we joined the fight against climate change and became the first UK company of our size to have its climate target – to become zero carbon by 2030 – validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. Our commitment to organic grows as we do too, in 2018, we bought 16% more organic herbs than we did in 2017.

We continue to accelerate forward with purpose, expertise in herbalism, passion for regenerative business, investment in research and development and delivering organic fairly-traded and ethically sourced herbs on a much wider scale than ever seen before. We are completely unwilling to compromise; from the quality of our organic practitioner-grade herbs fairly sourced from around the world through to our tireless commitment to produce a fully recyclable envelope to enclose all of our herbal teas.

We’re on a journey to do much more of this – the bigger we get the more good we do.