What sort of due diligence did you do before deciding to partner with Unilever?

Obviously, this isn’t a decision we have made lightly. We – along with a whole team of experts including leading environmentalists - made it our mission to get under the hood of Unilever. As it happens they have the most ambitious sustainability plans of any large company in the world: to halve their environmental impact and be socially and environmentally net positive by 2030 as well as improve the livelihoods of millions of people less materially fortunate than ourselves. A lot of people have approached us - and we mean a lot. Unilever were by far and away our first choice as a partner because of their ambitions.

Yes, Unilever aren’t perfect. And that’s another reason why they want to partner with Pukka. As a beacon for ethical and sustainable business we will be at the table to help them in their pursuit to do even more good.  Our founders Tim and Sebastian, will support them on their Global Tea Group and influence from within.