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Bhringraj Eclipta alba

Bhringraj is a traditional Ayurvedic hair tonic.

Meaning ‘King of Hair’ in Sanskrit, this herb has a long reputation as a hair tonic for dark hair. It is also known as ‘false daisy’ as its flowers are classic, dainty, and daisy-shaped.

Bhringaraj is an annual herb found growing as a week in marshy lands worldwide although it is most commonly found in India, China, Thailand and Brazil. Pukka Bhringraj is grown as an intercrop in organic rice fields in South India, providing a valuable additional harvest for the farmer and the best quality Bhrinagraj for us. (This is the closest we have come to ‘taming’ this wild-by-nature herb!)

An essential part of the famous Mahanaryan oil we use it in Active Oil.

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