Image for Cordyceps

Cordyceps Ophiocordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps are a parasitic fungi found growing at high altitudes in Asia.

The odd, finger-like, shapes of Cordyceps result from the fungi growing primarily on insect larva, such as caterpillars or ants. As the fungus attacks its host, it spreads throughout the larva until fruits to form the distinctive cordyceps form.

Thriving at high altitudes, exposed to relentless low oxygen and cold temperatures, imparts a resilient quality to this very special mushroom. Of course, we don’t get ours from a discarded larva, but grow it on organic food in a temperature and pressure controlled environment, ensuring that the levels of cordycepin are maintained and its vegetarian qualities remain intact. 

Cordyceps takes pride of place in our superfood elixir, Vitalise and brings some Himalayan might to ManPlus.