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Corn Silk Zea mays

Corn silk is the soft, fine, golden hair-like tassels covering the nutritive cob inside the ear of corn.

Corn silk has traditionally been prized for its soothing, softening properties, and retains its slippery, silky, protective nature in us. Originally a Native American herb, it has been used by European herbalists for several hundred years as a tea to cool, refresh, and calm, and flush the body, helping to restore comfort.

If you have ever seen dried corn silk its usually a dark brown colour and rather dusty. Not happy with ‘business as usual’ we have partnered up with some experts to get these delicate fresh-corn tassels freeze-dried. This preserves their beautiful golden colour and keeps them at their silky best, fit for their appearance in our Womankind Cranberry.

Afbeeldingen van Corn Silk