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Ginseng Panax

Ginseng is very much the old man of the herb world having been used in Asia for the last few thousand years. It's also an old-timer in growing terms as the root is harvested when it is six years, which is pretty old in terms of keeping a crop in a field.

This long-term cycle ensures we get a powerful concentration of active elements.

Both red and white ginseng come from the same plant, with the processing giving them their distinct colourways.

White ginseng is peeled and dried after harvesting whereas its red sibling has the skin left on and is then steamed. This steaming gives the ginseng a ‘hotter’, more stimulating property as well as its translucent red colour.

The ginseng we use is from an organic project in North China.

The plants survive temperatures of -20°C and this ability to survive in such extremes is an example of ginseng’s strength and adaptability in the face of intense environmental stress.

Afbeeldingen van Ginseng