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Orange Citris sinensis

Oranges are of course the world famous fruit of the Orange Tree. Orange trees are the most cultivated fruit tree in the world and account for the largest percentage of citrus fruit production on the globe. Heavily sprayed with insecticides and anti-fungals, they are certainly one to go organic for.

Orange trees are native to Indian Jungles but are now grown in many countries worldwide where the climate is warm and tropical, the most famous being Spain.

The word orange is actually derived from the Sanskrit ‘nagrungo’ which much later become translated into the Italian ‘arancia’ and the Provencal ‘orange’.

Whilst oranges were regarded by the Indian and the Chinese as ‘Remedies for Immortality’ we use the organic essential oil as a flavour trip in Lemon & Mandarin Tea, Elderberry & Echinacea Tea and After Dinner Tea.